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Powerful mobile-driven software allows you to get more done with less hassle. Whether you’re a provider or a caregiver, MedFlyt will save you time, money, and aggravation.

Home Care Agency Issues

Staffing cases
Required training
Compliance issues
High turnover rate

Your agency has
a lot to juggle

Between hiring, training, managing paperwork, monitoring patient care, and coordinating with your payers, your team is swamped.

That’s just in a typical work hour!
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Staffing Cases

"Staffing cases takes way too many phone calls. We have to manually factor specs like time, location, and caregiver experience.”

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Compliance Issues

"Too many aides are falling out of compliance — and each time that happens, we lose a case (or make a patient very unhappy)."

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Required Training

“Training our caregivers in person is expensive, time-consuming, and a technical nightmare!”

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High Turnover Rate

“Churn rate is painfully high. We invest so much in new hires only to have many of our best caregivers leave shortly afterward.”

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With MedFlyt you get

Agencies served
Happier coordinators
Caregivers using the MedFlyt app in NY
Minutes on average to staff a case
Saved yearly on average per client
Active caregiver users
"MedFlyt absolutely led to monetary savings. Once a coordinator reaches 100 patients with the traditional way of managing them, that’s a heavy load. With MedFlyt, a good coordinator can handle 200 — double the caseload. It’s the smartest thing. It makes business so much easier. Everything is trackable, traceable, consistent, and easy."
Moshe Freilich | CEO