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MedFlyt COVID-19 - Emergency Tools For Home Care Agencies

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Connecting Home Health Agencies
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MedFlyt™ simplifies the staffing process using a web-based platform for agencies to better staff patients; together with a mobile app for caregivers with real-time alerts for new opportunities to increase their income. 

Are you a caregiver looking for oppurtunities? See how MedFlyt™ can increase your income.

Staffing Dashboard: All your professionals a click away

One system to manage your professionals. Scheduling new visits, submitting patients details, and staffing cases. Real-Time communication with your professional.

Mobile app for all caregivers.

MedFlyt™ changes the way you use to work, allowing you to take much more cases, filling gaps and gain extra cash.

Get a live stream of all the visits that are available based on your profile

Lizzie Jaeger

See all the visit details and decide which cases suits you

Lizzie Jaeger

See how MedFlyt™ can change the way you staff.

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