Go digital with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Value-Based Payment (VBP) tracking

With Medflyt, all nursing visits are documented digitally — so you can track and analyze patient quality of care in real time. Join 100+ agencies who easily improved their patient outcomes and payer rate.

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How does it work?

Better care, better revenue.

Value-Based Payment (VBP) reform changes how home care agencies are rewarded: revenue is now based on patient quality of care.

In light of this shift, agencies need to act swiftly to ensure they can monitor their patient’s health status in real time — and make necessary changes before their outcomes or revenue are impacted.

Medflyt’s EMR platform enables you to seamlessly gather all the required data, analyze it, and make quick decisions — so you can ensure good patient outcomes, and higher revenue.

Keep your caregivers busier – and happier

Set it up in a snap

Medflyt is so easy-to-use and implement, you could enjoyEMR and VBP tracking in two days or less!

Better care and better revenue — starts here.