Leave manual onboarding in the 20th century — where it belongs

With MedFlyt
Your hires do it all digitally. Paper forms can also be scanned and attached directly through the app.
You can instantly see where each caregiver is in the process, and which forms are still outstanding.
Forms that are incomplete or that contain blank mandatory fields are not accepted by the system.
Caregivers receive automated notifications from MedFlyt reminding them to submit all required forms.
New hires are required to fill out 25+ pages worth of forms BY HAND.
Tracking which caregivers completed which forms is a major hassle
Agencies have to manually comb through and address any incomplete fields on the submitted forms.
Agencies have to repeatedly call caregivers to remind and encourage (read: beg) them to complete the process.
remote onboarding

“What can I do with this app?”

Everything! The entire onboarding process is faster, simpler, and a whole lot more convenient for you and your caregivers — from beginning to end.

Submit all forms

Caregivers fill out digital versions of traditional paper-and-pen forms.

Scan & attach hard copy documents

Caregivers scan paper documents right into the app, like their physician’s assessment, driver’s license, and immunization records.

View onboarding status at a glance

You and your caregivers easily track where they stand in the onboarding process and which forms are missing or incomplete.

Send/receive automated reminders

No more time-consuming reminder phone calls. The app sends automated notifications until caregivers have submitted all required documentation.
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remote onboarding

With MedFlyt, hiring caregivers is:


Get new staff out on cases without delay


Receive all paperwork without chasing


Hire and train caregivers without in-person meetings

Greater efficiency, better care, higher revenue — starts here.

Join the digital home care revolution
with MedFlyt.