Online training

In-person training is a hassle...for you and your aides

Traditional training is tedious, costly, and time-consuming. It’s a technical nightmare for you to plan and execute, and means a full day of missed work for your caregivers. 
No costly in-person
Instead of spending $150 per caregiver per year on training, you’ll spend $45 or less. Total savings = $105 per caregiver.
No language and
translation barriers
12 language options for training, 5 for testing.
No time-consuming
Digitized reporting of training compliance, so you can see where your caregivers stand with one click.

Make it easy for caregivers to stay compliant

It’s hard for your caregivers not to stay compliant when they can complete trainings anytime, anywhere, right from their smartphones. Set them up for success and see the difference in your compliance rates.

  • Learn in their own language
    Ask questions and get responses in real time
    Take their tests
    Sign off on their documents
    Recieve their certificates
Average completion rate
Churn reduction rate
Your total training savings
Online training

Switching over in a cinch

Within 2 days or less, your personalized training platform is up and running. It's that easy.

You complete a questionnaire detailing your needs.

We notify your caregivers about the switch to MedFlyt’s online training app.

You sit back and watch your caregivers get trained!

Greater efficiency, better care, higher revenue — starts here.

Join the digital home care revolution
with MedFlyt.