Traditonal Staffing
Online Staffing
Agencies the price for inefficient caregiver-patient match-ups.
Pay less in travel and overtime fees because the app notifies you of all specs before you offer a caregiver the case.
...require more time and human resources to staff fewer cases.
Staff more cases in less time — and with fewer human resources.
...have to nag their agencies or wait for the phone to ring when they want more work.
Proactively request open cases through the app. They can also work near home and take on more cases.
...get randomly-matched aides who may have no relevant experience.
Receive customized care without delay, from aides who are tagged as experienced in their particular conditions.
“Loving this app to the max! It’s always accessible and saves me from calling anyone about cases. I will definitely keep using it.”
TaSasha Bubbley — Caregiver
“I love MedFlyt! You can always find a case instead of calling your coordinators. A+”
TaSasha Bubbley — Caregiver

The hardest cases to staff just got easier

Our algorithm clusters short-hour visits that are near each other and offers them to caregivers as a bundle, making it simpler — and more likely — to staff these challenging cases.

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