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Caregiver recruitment is tricky during normal home care operations, but the addition of a global pandemic has made finding and hiring new staff members even more difficult. Most home care agencies around the country find recruitment to be challenging for a variety of reasons, including finding enough staff to make up for industry-wide high staff turnover rates. The introduction of social distancing in the face of coronavirus has only added to the obstacles most agencies face when trying to recruit new caregivers.

The good news, however, is that your agency can use this uncertain time to be creative and flexible in your caregiver recruitment strategy. This is the perfect time to shake up your usual approach to recruitment and find new ways to connect with potential employees without the staples of job fairs. Here are a few ways you can improve your caregiver recruitment plan during the time of COVID-19, and perhaps beyond.

1. Tap Into Social Media

Your agency’s social media feeds can be a lifesaver for caregiver recruitment right now. If you don’t already have an active social media presence that features a friendly and engaging online personality, now is the perfect time to make it happen. Coronavirus restrictions have pushed more and more people to use social media throughout the day, which means you have a nearly captive audience.

Make your social media pages more engaging for potential caregivers by:

  • Consistently posting across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Trying out new platforms like TikTok
  • Posting with a friendly yet professional voice that encourages engagement through polls, comments, or likes
  • Updating your feed with twice-monthly branded images that let people know you are hiring
  • Using Facebook’s option to have applicants express interest in a job posting immediately via the Messenger service
  • Highlighting current caregivers to express appreciation as well as to demonstrate how your agency is taking COVID-19 infection control seriously
  • Host a Facebook or Instagram Live event with a few of your current caregivers to discuss the best parts of working at your agency

2. Find New Ways for Candidates to Apply

Successful recruitment hinges on the candidate sending in an application or resume. Ensure your agency has thought of ways for candidates to successfully (and easily) apply online. You should use more than one option so that you can find potential caregivers in a variety of online locations:

  • Your social media feeds
  • Your agency website
  • Online job boards
  • A platform for your agency that includes an easy to use app

Keep online applications similar to your paper applications, and ensure you or your designee get a notification via email or text when one is completed. Follow up quickly with candidates once you receive an application with a follow-up email, call, or text.

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3. Switch to Virtual Interviewing

Virtual interviewing is an excellent alternative to traditional face-to-face interviews right now. If you don’t already have experience using video conferencing applications like Zoom or GoogleMeet, services are inexpensive or even free right now. You can quickly send a request for an interview via email after an initial screening phone call with a candidate, making it easy to interview from anywhere.

Make your virtual interviews as effective as possible by:

  • Setting a clear time to end
  • Having questions already established before the interview begins
  • Inviting other members of your interview team to join the virtual interview from their own homes or offices
  • Logging in as the meeting leader about 5 minutes prior to the official start of the interview
  • Leaving the interview with clear deadlines about when you will contact the applicant regarding the decision to hire
  • Follow up appropriately and quickly

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